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Fangirl x Fashion Addict.
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One of my pieces for Banquet Hannibal Artbook

these two just keep dancing around the issue, feeling each other’s pulse. 

>more hannibal things 

(via thesilenceofthefannibals)

I had a super hella extra Mary Kate moment today

so at my new job, I’m on the main level, which gets all the attention. So this guy came in, twice my hight, eh, 40’s……he looked like the SUPER extra version of donald trump minus the combover and w/ dark hair.

ANYHOW, as i was helping him, he started hitting on me, but it wasn’t like…….OC, it was subtle, thank god. 

and i thought it was really funny, b/c i had one of my MKO inspired looks on today + the guy looked not too far off from the man MKO is dating.

And i just stood there like

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